Respect in the game

Hello teams and players, 

I am writing this morning, disappointed with some behaviour we have heard about so far this season. 


We have reports of players calling their opponents fat during games, of coaches bullying their own players on the field, team officials not showing any respect to the other teams, referees or the game, team officials bullying board members, players and coaches not showing any respect to referees. The list goes on and on. 


This is not the MSWSL. This behaviour is appalling. 


At the SNS AGM this past weekend we heard more of the same from other leagues. As such we would like to remind everyone of a couple of things: 


1) Respect is defined as “due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of others” 


2) Dissent is defined as “public protest or disagreement (verbal or physical) with a match official’s decision”. It is punishable by a yellow card. 


3) A red card can be shown for “using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or actions” 


Earlier this morning a letter was sent to the SNS referee development officer asking the referees to take a harder approach to the officiating of our games. We are at the edge of a cliff. A cliff that if we fall over, we can’t come back from. Behaviour has to change. 


Thank you,